Customer Loyalty via Chat? Yep!

August 1, 2018

Customer Loyalty via Chat? Yep!

It is completely customary within the private sector but still little used in companies: direct communication via a messenger. In the meantime many companies recognize the advantage of a direct line to business partners and customers. We believe it is worthwhile for companies to use this channel for customer loyalty and process control.

Source: ZIP Software

Why to Communicate via Messengers?

The question of why a messenger makes sense for communication within business environment can be answered quickly: Almost everybody uses a messenger service privately, knows how it works and appreciates the fast response time. Small concerns can be clarified lightning-fast. Documents, pictures and videos can be sent easy and cheap. Today, customers and business partners expect to be able to connect with a company through all channels. Messenger services offer companies a huge opportunity in overcoming the "last mile" to the customer. In the meantime one in five finds that contact with companies via a messenger service is long overdue.

Here You Are Helped

The biggest advantage is that messenger services enable customer inquiries. If the answer is well solved within the own company, a customer can be helped very quickly. E.g. when it comes to a question about the product or the order. Standardized paragraphs of text help to answer the most important questions. This will create a good customer relationship that couldn’t be more personal. Better service and customer loyalty make the difference. It's better to chat fast and efficiently than hanging in the waiting loop, landing on a mailbox, or being connected from Pontius to Pilate. Queries about an order status or for appointments are quickly done via chat.

Less Is More

There is an old saying using marketing messengers: less is more. Otherwise you will be blocked fast as a company and this channel is closed once and for all time. In general, it means to meet requirements of privacy, competition and copyright law. Therefore, we have a business messenger integrated in our zip.app that meets all common requirements. We believe communication with customers and with business partners must be as easy as possible. That's why our solution includes all the advanced features of a modern messenger, such as group chats, sending text, audio or video messages within a secure environment, sharing all sorts of documents, cross-device synchronization and cloud backups.

A free download of zip.app will be available at the beginning of September 2018 in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play. There will be a desktop version, too.

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Christian Huerter