Craft, Privacy and Messenger - How does it work?

January 24, 2019

Craft, Privacy and Messenger - How does it work?

At latest with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) last year, the topic of data protection also arrived in small and medium-sized enterprises. There are around one million small and medium-sized craft enterprises in Germany. Whether they like it or not, they are now allowed to deal with the issue of data protection and data security. This important but unpopular topic is particularly problematic when it comes to using messengers.

Source: zip.app

GDPR-Compliant Messenger

WhatsApp is a fast and uncomplicated way of communication that can quickly become a pitfall. We know from our own experience that the entrepreneur in craft wants solutions that meet GDPR requirements and relieve him of the details. This is why with zip.app we have built a messenger that is GDPR-compliant and relieves the craftsman of communication with employees, subcontractors and customers.

Data Security Efficient and Uncomplicated

Important criteria here are encryption, data protection and confidentiality of both the company's own data and the data of persons with whom commercially relevant information (so-called "order data") is exchanged. As a matter of principle, companies need and may use personal data in order to fulfil their obligations, whether as employers or contractors. We are convinced that the protection of personal data is enormously important, but not every sole entrepreneur or small business has the capacity or the possibility to take the necessary steps with a data protection officer. Nevertheless, an uncomplicated and simple form of communication should also be legally secure for small businesses. In our opinion, data protection and data security must be designed efficiently and uncomplicatedly.

Business Made Simple

With zip.app, we have launched a messenger for craft businesses that makes communication both safe and easy. Because for the entrepreneur his core business is the focus, true to our motto: Business made simple. The whole thing is also free of charge.

Download now from Apple App Store or Google Play and get started. Or directly use the desktop version.

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Christian Huerter