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For furniture packers no day is like another. Always carrying heavy objects in a limited timeframe they deal with a lot of challences like having the right address, being on time, driving long ways for a long time and communicating fast and friendly with plenty of different clients. assists moving companies in managing their business by organizing administration and communication with customers, employees, subcontractors and suppliers.


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Mastering chaos is a critical success factor of entrepreneurs. In construction, chaos comes along in form of “waste": i.e. service provision without order, lack of motivation, walking/transport, rework, waiting, and so on.

Waste consumes up to two-thirds of the time spent on the construction site. And 99% of the construction industry consists of small businesses, organized in a highly decentralized manner, so that major developments or investments are simply not possible — a vicious circle.The root cause of chaos lies in the field of organization and communication, namely: media discontinuity, time-offset and time-wasting. This is where comes into play.

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No Language Barriers.

As communication is at the very heart of a successful business, our messenger function is of particular importance. In order to support and foster communication among all parties involved, we equipped with an automated translation service in order to get a better understanding of each other.

Beside this, our solution contains all further features of a modern messenger, like group chats, sending text or audio/video messages in a secure environment, sharing any kind of document, cross-device synchronisation and cloud backups.

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Add Tasks Using Natural Language.

We consider task status the single most important piece of information a business owner can ever call his own, because it allows him to ask meaningful questions, to base reasonable estimations upon, to interlink neighboring services, and to create solid invoices that ultimately generate revenue and money.

Tasks can be described in multiple ways. As we focus on the absolute basics, we consider textual description, technical quantity and monetary value the most important task attributes. A stepper guides you through the process of create such tasks.

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Wall Painting

Wall Painting

70 / 100sqm



Once your tasks are evaluated, it is easy to convert them into invoices: simply choose which tasks to account, make sure your client is already selected, and add the payment method of your choice.

Invoices are sent in the name of the sender; therefore, you can customize the invoice design. If you want, you can order digitally that an invoice is sent directly by post — it only costs you about the price of a stamp. Once your invoice is published, it is auditably stored in the project file and can be tranferred to your accounting software using standard interfaces like DATEV.

Within you can create documents within seconds. Starting with a quote for your client, it turns automatically into an order confirmation and finally into an invoice at the end of your project.
All within one single application.

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Making Your Work Easier. is the office in your pocket. Even more, an interactive assistant who provides information at any time. Just go ahead and ask for a compilation of figures across all projects — the assistent is going to get them for you.

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You can use on your Smartphone as well as on your PC. It's easy to use, so you don’t have to spend hours for training before you can start. Information can be shared with customers, colleagues, subcontractors and suppliers. Furthermore, entrepreneurs can easily capture and send offers, percentage of completion and invoices — even by post letter.

And finally, you can use to allocate services and keep track of percentage of completion at all times, as well as to share them live with associated business partners.

Let's get started. is always there, bundles information, organizes appointments, translates conversations, connects business partners, documents performance statuses & sends invoices - leaving more time for essentials.

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