Silence of the Hammers

April 24, 2018

Silence of the Hammers

We are always in contact with others, whether with or without words. This knowledge also applies to the craft. The relationship between the customer and the craftsman is a rather uncomplicated thing. That's why we asked over 50 craft companies how they communicate with their customers. Of course, we do not ask quite unselfishly: Because we want to understand the processes and contribute to an optimal organization structure.

On-Site Presence

The result makes one sit up and take notice: More than half of all customers are personally coming to the construction site in order to see the progress themselves. Around 40 percent of customers at least partially do so. From the point of view of a customer, this is understandable, since only about eleven percent of all craft companies surveyed by us regularly send customers photos of the progress of the construction site. 47 percent do this sometimes, all others partially. This is simply not enough in times when every meal and other trifles are captured and shared in photos. When tradespeople interact with their customers, they tend to call (100 percent), e-mail (96 percent) or mail (49 percent). Since most entrepreneurs use different channels, multiple answers were possible. After all, 47 percent of the surveyed craftsmen communicate with their customers via chat services like WhatsApp, Viber & Co.

Magic Moments

For every craftsman and every entrepreneur who understands his job as a vocation, there are two magical moments in projects: One, when the customer has a glow in his eyes during the consultation, feels understood and realizes that he has the right partner in front of him. The second magical moment is when the craftsman gets absorbed in his work and has an exhilarating feeling that something special is being created. The magic of a good job, the uplifting feeling when something has become good, when imagination becomes reality, these are special and precious moments.

Conjure Hocus-Pocus

Of course, we cannot do conjuring tricks. Also we do not want to. Our goal is to create conditions for an entrepreneur to focus on magical moments of his work. For all other tasks - both, necessary and sometimes annoying - we come into play. With an app that works without Hokus Pokus, that is limited to the essentials and supports craftsman in communication and organization. So in the end it's not the silence of the hammers, but the Wizard of Oz on the program.

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Frank Moser