Mini ERP System for Efficient Control of Craft Companies

November 29, 2018

Mini ERP System for Efficient Control of Craft Companies

Digitally controlling and networking processes - this is what ERP systems do. In English, this entrepreneurial task is called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP systems help to manage processes in a company with less effort. Most of these systems are designed for larger companies, but even in craft nothing works without the right organization. Order management, ordering of goods or creation of documents, that is part of the daily business in craft companies.

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Simple Digital Mapping of Processes

With ERP software, information can be passed on digitally within the corporate process chain and processed semi-automatically. Handwritten notes and transcription work are largely eliminated. ERP systems help to record and evaluate data from employees, customers, suppliers, machines and production materials. They make sense in all companies that operate a division of labour, i.e. use different employees for different tasks. Basically, the following applies: The higher the organizational effort in the company, the greater the savings through an ERP system.

Makes Sense Even for Smaller Companies

ERP software can also pay off for smaller companies: In any case, the prerequisite is that the solution fits the company. The differences between ERP systems are sometimes considerable. In order to avoid mistakes, an entrepreneur should make it clear in advance for which tasks he needs a software. Craft companies are often satisfied with just a fraction of functions of ERP systems, e.g. for task management, document creation and document management. In contrast to other industries, mobility is a major requirement in skilled crafts. Services should be better coordinated and controlled from the office and on the road. As a rule, classic ERP software involves a relatively large investment sum and a complex implementation.

No Frills

When developing our mini-ERP system, we aimed to map only  really relevant processes. In order to keep the solution slim, we deliberately avoided some building blocks of large ERP systems. The result is an easy-to-use program called zip.app. zip.app can be used without a license fee. All functions can be used both mobile and from the office. zip.app can integrate suppliers and customers directly into business processes via a chat. These possibilities mean a significant time and cost advantage. The benefit for craft companies: Zero risk, no implementation costs, manageable complexity and functionality. We are convinced that craft businesses can optimize the quality of their processes and planning with our mini-ERP solution.

Test it and use zip.app immediately: A free download of the app is now available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. A desktop version is also available.

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Johannes Jetter