How to Deal with Office Chaos in Crafts

July 12, 2018

How to Deal with Office Chaos in Crafts

There are a number of studies which show that a significant part of working time is wasted by lack of working materials and by constantly searching for the right document. The craft is as affected as all other companies. Biggest timekeepers in office processes are: searching text documents or images in chaotic file folders as well as managing emails. The main cause of chaos is organization and communication. One of the key challenges of an entrepreneur is mastering the daily chaos.

Time Wasters to the Chain

The confusing storage of documents is the most serious problem, where even studies agree. Almost equally ranked the management of emails. Almost 20 percent of working time is wasted on finding information or asking colleagues who can help with certain tasks. Sorting, filing and marking of e-mails and documents consumes many hours that an entrepreneur lacks in the important tasks.

Ingeniously Simple

Fighting against chaos is like the rolling stone of Sisyphus: It never stops. It is about striving for constant improvement. As the saying goes: simple is the increase of intelligent. Therefore, we should always look for simple solutions. Those who work in crafts spend most of their time on the road, e.g. at customer's, and still have to handle the office. To have a grip on is the magic word: since everyone today has a smartphone, it is obvious to let threads converge there. At any time, all documents are at hand, whether at the construction site or in the office.

Management via Smartphone

Emails make individual conversations about specific tasks understandable; however, documents and information associated with them are usually unobtainable and must be searched for and arranged in a time-consuming process. More suitable are tools for project communication. Ideally, all communication with all text and image documents is within one application. zip.app documents can be created quickly: The offer is transformed into an order confirmation and finally into an invoice. All in one application. The office in your pocket, even more: zip.app is an interactive assistant that provides information at any time, even if there is no internet connection. This makes management via smartphone possible. Ideal for craftsmen and entrepreneurs who have enough of inefficient work organization.

A free download of zip.app will be available from the beginning of September 2018 in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. There will be a desktop version, too.

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Johannes Jetter