Craft: Digital Makes Sexy

August 23, 2018

Craft: Digital Makes Sexy

With the old saying that craft has a golden floor, today nobody can be drawn from the woodwork. Competing with other industries, the reputation of craftsmanship - in defiance of all image campaigns - hangs back. This is particularly noticeable in search for qualified employees and trainees. What has to happen that young people find a job in craft attractive, again? Objectively there are many reasons to work in craft: job security, flat hierarchies in small and middle enterprises and good possibilities to become independent.

Source: ZIP Software

New Generation - New Requirements

The generation of young people born around the turn of millennium is characterized by a lifestyle that is in tune with technology. They have grown up with the internet and mobile communication, like working in teams and value the enjoyment of work. In addition, they long for professional recognition and independence. In many places craft can be an ideal breeding ground for these generations, if it is sexy enough. Young people no longer have to perform as their predecessors as petitioners, but can choose. More and more it is the companies that have to promote their favor as future employees.

Dusting and Working Digitally

Digitalisation is a decisive factor here. This starts with a craft company's own website, goes beyond the use of social networks and ends with digitizing business processes. When coworkers chat with their bosses, an order status is tracked via app, and coworkers have a realistic chance of self-employment, it's cool and sexy to work in craft, too.

Source: zip.app

Acts Inside and Out

Digitalisation in the craft sector has positive effects, both internally and externally. For potential new employees, a digital company is modern and innovative. Internally, many processes in craft can be accelerated and simplified by networking. Paperless order coordination and processing offer significant benefits for craft businesses. At the same time, customer satisfaction increases as all information can be made available to a customer in real time. Entrepreneurs, employees and customers are always up to date.

Rethink, Adapt, Take Advantage of Opportunities

We are convinced there is no way around digitization. But we also know that the craft needs workable solutions: Easy to use, without hours of training, mobile and stationary. Our solution takes these requirements into account: zip.app is always there, bundles information, organizes appointments, translates discussions, connects business partners, documents performance levels and sends invoices. This makes craft attractive. For an entrepreneur as well as for an employees.

A free download of zip.app will be available from the beginning of September 2018 in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. There will also be a desktop version.

We are looking forward for your feedback. Feel free and reach out anytime via [email protected].

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Johannes Jetter