Career Opportunities in Craft Sector

June 19, 2019

Career Opportunities in Craft Sector

In the past, parents lured their offspring into craft professions with the slogan “Craft has golden ground". Today, craft has a somewhat dusty image and many young people prefer to study. But there are many career opportunities, especially in craft. Many professions and training courses are adapting to the digitalised world. Mechanic became mechatronics engineer and an electrician is also familiar with smart home applications. In times of full capacity utilization, solid craft training is basically like a job insurance.

Master Craftsman or Master of Science?

Salary statistics show that a master craftsman can earn just as much as a Bachelor, a good entrepreneur can even surpass a Master[1]. And the chances of taking the step into self-employment are almost rare. Only in Germany approximately 150,000 business transfers are planned by 2022[2]. So anyone who has the master craftsman's title required in many trades can take the step into self-employment without great risk.

Retaining Young Employees

Young career starters in particular have a high digital affinity. They use the possibilities of digital communication as a matter of course. Craft businesses that move with the times here show the young talents that they are innovative. Especially in the competition for good trainees, a trend-setting digital tool like zip.app can make the decisive difference.

Source: ZIP Software

Easy Start to Self-Employment

Becoming your own boss is a big step. Making decisions, making investments, winning new customers, finding employees and much more. At the same time, it is important to position the company well in organisational terms. For a quick start, it helps to use easy-to-use software that provides a good overview and maps the core functions of the company. Quotations, order confirmation, invoices and documentation are such core tasks.

Source: ZIP Software

Digital Assistant for a Clear View

zip.app offers many functionalities in the basic version free of charge. An entrepreneur can download the app to his smartphone and PC and start it immediately. The intuitive software can be used without a license fee or training. This makes it much easier to start your own business. zip.app is like a digital assistant: all relevant information is available at the touch of a button, the filing system is well organized and everything can also be called up on the go. In this way, the founder keeps the processes under control in the trade. We developed zip.app because we are convinced that any entrepreneur can be an entrepreneur if he has the right support.

Download now from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and get started. Or use it directly on your PC.

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Johannes Jetter