Avoid Media Breaks

October 26, 2018

Avoid Media Breaks

If you take a look around craftsmanship and other companies, you will quickly notice that there are media breaks in many places: Orders are passed on to employees on paper, timesheets are filled out by hand and sent to the office, and the order status is requested by telephone. The list of media breaks in the business process of a craft company can be continued as required. A media discontinuity always occurs when information has to be entered manually within an information procurement or processing process. This costs time and is a potential source of errors.

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Poor Processes Also Remain Poor Digitally

Information is almost as valuable as gold. That's why it's worth analyzing business processes carefully and checking where there are interruptions and where data needs to be passed on in other forms. A bad process does not automatically become a good process through digitization. Thorsten Dirks, head of Telefónica Germany, once summed it up starkly: "If you digitize a shit process, then you have a shit digital process." It's worth taking a look at the processes and media breaks, especially in craft sector.  E-mails, faxes, plan drawings, scanned documents, technical calculations, measurements or photos must be assigned to a project or forwarded to a customer or subcontractor, as must self-created documents such as quotations or invoices, including scheduling.  Different software solutions and various hardware make it difficult to merge all data.

Double Entry and Error Devils

Double entry in the office is one of the biggest time wasters. With zip.app, every employee is able to record or retrieve the essential data using a smartphone, desktop PC or other terminal device.  In the office, the data is further processed without media discontinuity and is updated daily. An optimal flow of information also pays off for the customer. Every contact person from the boss to the trainee is able to provide information.

Concentrating on the Essentials

We looked at which processes can be implemented quite easily and where entrepreneurs and customers can participate the fastest and best. More and more tasks are being handled on the move with the smartphone: answering enquiries by email, quickly taking a few photos and recording the details of the order. This can be done quickly with a smartphone. What is missing, however, is feedback with the office and documentation. zip.app closes this "mobile gap" and is the uniform mouthpiece that maps the essential processes in the office as well as on the move - for everyone involved in construction. zip.app helps companies to avoid media disruptions in order to reduce costs and become more competitive.

Test it and use zip.app immediately: A free download of the app is now available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. A desktop version is also available.

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Johannes Jetter